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Women take great pride in their appearance, and one of the most important things they do is take good care of their skin. These days, there are many companies that make skin products using ingredients from the Dead Sea because it contains a special type of salts that cleanse the skin thoroughly and make it extremely smooth. Dead Sea products include a variety of items, from cleansing soap to moisturizers and cosmetics. Since this sea is the lowest place on earth at 427m below sea level, it went through some unique and rare climactic conditions that produced a special type of salt that is unlike any other salt in the world. This, in turn, produces incredible products that take extra good care of your skin.

Why Use these Products?

Dead Sea salt products include a variety of items, including cleansing products like mud soap, cleansing milk, mud masks, facial wash and makeup remover; skin care products such as body butter, hand cream, body lotion and cuticle oil; age-defying products like face serum, eye serum, moisturizer and facial scrub; and hair products like hair serum, shampoo, conditioner and styling clay. There are even products made specifically for men and for the elderly. Regardless of the part of the body you wish to clean and moisturize, these products will work like no other product ever will.

One of the most popular products is the salt scrub, which has detoxifying properties and also contains aromatic oils and essential minerals. Approximately 26 of these minerals are included in the Dead Sea salt. Of these, twelve of these are unique and cannot be found in any other body of water in the world. These exceptional minerals are included in each and every one of these products – including the salt scrub – which is one of the reasons they work so well and produce such unique and amazing results.

Regardless of your gender, using Dead Sea products will produce second-to-none results that are unlike the results of any other product. Whether it is for your face, hair, body or nails, using salt products means getting the results you want and they will take care of your skin for many years to come.



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When some people receive an incision or another type of cut or wound, the result is a keloid type of scar. Keloid scars result when excess collagen is deposited and interrupts the healing process. This results in scars that are thick, elevated, rubbery, and even painful or itchy. In the past, they have been difficult or impossible to get rid of, but no more. Today’s new technology leaves people with these types of scars with much better options than have been available in the past.

A Keloid Scar Can be Uncomfortable and Unattractive

Because keloids are so thick and sometimes large, they can make people feel self-conscious about their condition. In the past, the only solution was a surgical procedure that took many visits to the doctor or clinic, and often resulted in little reduction of the scar. Keloid removal was once something that many people did not think was possible, but today that is not the case. These days, many doctors and clinics are using a freezing method that attacks the deep scar tissue underneath the scar itself, so it is attacked at its source. They use a probe on the entire scar, so it is usually eliminated entirely with only one visit. In addition, this treatment usually means that the scar will not reappear in the future.

Keloid scars can appear anywhere, but one of the most common locations is the ear. This can be the result of an ear-piercing or other condition, but the result is a painful scar in an awkward location. Freezing methods will work on any part of the body, including the ear, and are effective in removing the entire scar, regardless of its size.

If you are considering keloid removal involving any part of your body, doing research on the Internet is an excellent first step. You can find a clinic that offers the procedure, as well as detailed information on the procedure itself, with just a click of a mouse. It is a perfect way to begin your research on removing these painful types of scars.




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Our sadness was all shared but the comfort I felt was unique. Loosing her was the hardest thing I went through in my childhood, but I can confidently say now that my maturity was beyond my years. My grandmother Ethel was my favourite person. She was classy and stylish in a way that only a handful of grandmas can be.  I use to run into her room and watch her pick out her jewellery, three piece suits, and use fancy Seacret Spa lotions and creams.  To this day the smell of any Seacret product brings a smile to my face.  I miss her, a lot! More »

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Nearly every person in the world wishes to get back into their childhood or youth at a certain point of time. Affluent people have even travelled far and wind to attain just this and even spent a great deal of money to know the secret of getting younger. While a handful of them may have achieved favorable results, not many get their wishes to come true in the same context. Getting natural beauty products or even visiting a seacret spa can be quite fruitful and beneficial for attaining the magic of youth once again! Specially formulated products which have the goodness of nature like moisturizers, gels, serums, cleansing milk and similar related products are ideal in caring for the body. More »

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Use this simple and straightforward morning beauty routine from Seacret Spa to find yourself feeling great for the rest of the day. More »

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Seacret believes that staying youthful needn’t be an arduous task, and following these five simple tips will easily defy Father Time.

When it comes to staving off the grizzled reach of Father Time, there are plenty of tricks you can use that will have you looking youthful for longer. It might surprise you that not all of these tricks are complicated or time consuming. Here are five simple tips from Seacret that will have you looking your best for longer. More »

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The Seacret Spa range of exfoliators can promote healthier, better-looking skin when used regularly. Here are 10 reasons why this is the case.

While skin exfoliation may be a straightforward enough task, it can be one of the most rewarding treatments you give your body. But picking the wrong exfoliator can often be counterproductive. Sometimes it’s worth going the extra mile and using a luxury product.


To try and give you some understanding as to why it is so important, here are the top 10 reasons to use an exfoliator from Seacret.


1. Keep skin soft, smooth and buffed

A simple application 2-3 times a week will keep your skin feeling silky soft.


2. Add a glow to your skin

In addition to feeling good, exfoliation also helps you to look good, enticing a natural glow to emit from the skin.


3. Unclog pores

Clogged pores offer a fast track to tired looking, imperfect skin. Unclogging pores is the first step to looking beautiful.


4. Increase absorption

With clear pores, other cosmetics (moisturizers, toner, etc.) can be absorbed deeper into the skin, allowing for an altogether better look.


5. Reduce blackhead breakouts

Clear pores help to reduce the breakout of unwanted blackheads and whiteheads.


6. Control acne breakouts

Acne can be managed using exfoliators.


7. Minimize in-grown hairs

In-grown hairs are often the cause of unwanted spots. Exfoliating can keep pores clear, promoting natural hair growth.


8. Speed up skin renewal

Exfoliators remove dead skin cells and in the process allow for quicker skin renewal.


9. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

In generating smoother, softer skin, exfoliators also combat those tell-tale signs of aging.


 10. Maintain an even skin tone

Exfoliators create evenness to skin, which also positively affects the tone of skin.


The Seacret Spa range includes a selection of suitable exfoliators, including bath salts, body mud, oils, soaps, peeling milk, cleansing wash and mud masks. All are manufactured using genuine Dead Sea minerals, ensuring your skin will receive the health and beauty benefits associated with one of the most unique places on the planet.

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Dead Sea cosmetics specialist Seacret can help you restore and refresh your skin, creating a youthful appearance in the process.

When it comes to getting the better of Old Father Time, cosmetics specialist Seacret knows that the Dead Sea is an invaluable tool that’s worth much more than its weight in gold.


For centuries the Dead Sea has enjoyed a reputation as a place of healing and a place of wellbeing such as the hotel island and hes attractions. Its waters are rich with more than 30 different minerals, some of which are to be found nowhere else on the planet. These minerals have long been reported to offer soothing relief to those suffering from respiratory and dermatological complaints and ailments. As such, millions of visitors have made a beeline for the sea, each looking to bathe within its mystical waters.


Stop time with salts and mud…


Today, the salts and minerals that make the Dead Sea so unique are paramount to the cosmetics industry. Companies have emerged on the shores of the sea ready to transform these special minerals into cosmetics that can be shipped across the world. Such cosmetics have become wildly popular with those looking to defy age.


Dead Sea salts, minerals and muds are used in a wide range of anti-aging cosmetics. An ever-increasing number of consumers are seeking out the likes of nourishing face serums and refreshing moisturizers designed to implement a youthful appearance. Eye creams and serums are sought out to reduce those dark circles around the eyes, while decreasing the appearance of dry and damaged skin. Mineral-rich scrubbing and moisturizing masks are used to exfoliate and cleanse.


Regular use of such Dead Sea cosmetics creates radiant, natural-looking skin and brighter eyes that bely the outstretched arms of Old Father Time, tackling environmental damage to restore skin to its youthful appearance. The age-defying range from Seacret Spa provides all of the restorative and revitalizing qualities you need to look and feel younger.


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Dead Sea cosmetics experts like Seacret are tapping into the male grooming market, a market that is steadily on the rise.

Not all that long ago, if you asked a man if he used makeup you’d have been greeted with a stony-face silence or a vehement denial. Today, things are a little different.


In a world that’s moving ever quicker and leaving less time for rest and relaxation, more and more men are turning to cosmetics to cover up imperfections, sooth time-worn skin, and generally give off an appearance of being in control. While sleep and rest may be lost in a whirlwind of deadlines, travel, and family commitments, male grooming and cosmetics have become the ultimate equalizer. It’s not a beauty thing; it’s a looking-the-part thing.


Now, when we mention makeup and cosmetics, we’re not talking about lipsticks, mascaras, and nail varnish. Instead, we’re talking about exfoliators, cleansers, eye gels, and other products designed to refresh the appearance of skin while masking negative features like bags under the eyes. These work in conjunction with shaving products to emit a professional, tidy appearance, something many men consider the backbone of their working world.


Seacret for Men


As with the female side of the industry, the Dead Sea cosmetics industry has welcomed men with arms wide open. Realizing the potential for market growth, Dead Sea specialist companies like Seacret have begun creating a catalogue of products aimed directly at men, offering the health and beauty benefits associated with women’s cosmetics direct to male customers.


In addition to traditional male grooming products like aftershave balm, the Seacret Spa range includes less typical products like nutritional eye gels designed to nourish the sensitive skin around the eyes, foot creams that prevent/repair dry and damaged skin, mud shampoos that nourish, moisturize and replenish hair, and peeling milk designed to clean and de-clog pores.


Each of these products is enhanced by authentic Dead Sea minerals and other natural ingredients to offer the best in skin and face care.


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A Dead Sea Guide can show you the sea and its healing waters up close, but Seacret can bring its therapeutic qualities direct to your home.

The Dead Sea Like Massada: a place of mystery, intrigue and, perhaps most surprising of all, health.


The mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea have long proven to be good for body, mind and soul. Visitors from across the globe have bathed within these waters, seeking relief from skin complaints, respiratory problems and a wealth of other ailments. The high saline content, unique atmospheric conditions and beating sun can play their part in what has become the largest natural health spa in the world. As well as this giant natural health resort, the Dead Sea has become home to a wide array of hotel and spa resorts, each offering treatments that make use of the therapeutic minerals found in the region.


Seacret brings the Dead Sea across the globe


The health and wellness benefits of the Dead Sea are no longer limited to a visit to this magnificent part of the world either. Today, visitors can reap the rewards of the sea’s mineral-rich waters from the comfort of their own home.


Companies like Seacret have tapped into the Dead Sea and created an industry of healthy, therapeutic cosmetics. From body butters and salt scrubs to mud masks and peeling milk, the products on offer feature natural ingredients designed to treat the body the way it should be treated. The key ingredients, of course, are the Dead Sea minerals sourced from the sea itself.


Those wishing to learn more about the range should read these Seacret reviews.


Finding your way around


Those interested in visiting the health spa resorts dotted around the Dead Sea should seek out professional assistance. Those already with plans to visit Israel or Jordan will find that any Dead Sea guide will be able to take them to these magnificent locations, be it for a week-long getaway or a few hours of bathing, while plenty of package holidays are available with direct transfer from Tel Aviv or Amman.