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This winter had been the coldest and longest winter in years. Late into March, snow kept falling and ice kept forming. Michelle wondered when spring would appear and thaw out her backfields where she kept her horses. Farm chores were so much harder in the winter and they took so much more of a toll on Michelle. She had suffered from horrible dry skin on her hands until she started using seacret spa products. Now, her seacret products have helped keep her hands supple and healthy during the cold winter months.


Michelle ran an equine rescue facility on her small farm. Horses that had been abused by their previous owners were brought to her facility for rehabilitation. She had recused hundreds of horses, healing them both physically and mentally before finding them new adoptive homes. One of her most incredible rescue stories was the case of Sugar, a large pony who had been found abandoned on a country road, severely underweight and suffering from various infections. Sugar underwent months of recovery and veterinarian assistance before her training began. Once her training commenced, Michelle discovered that Sugar was a wonderful riding pony. A nice couple adopted Sugar for their lovely little girl, who rode Sugar successfully in various local hunter horse shows. They had become so successful on the local hunter show circuit that Michelle beamed with pride every time she saw them.


Michelle also kept chickens on her farm and thoroughly enjoyed her free-range eggs. During the cold winter months, her chickens were housed in a winterized coop where they stayed warm and happy. She often had extra fresh eggs that she gave to her family and friends to enjoy.


With all the barn chores involving the horses and chickens, Michelle found that the winter months were exceedingly difficult. To help get her through those severely cold days, Michelle liked to listen to upbeat music while she worked her farm and continued to use her seacret spa products. They made her think of warmer days! Her seacret products stopped her hands from drying out and this made her barn chores much easier to finish on those cold and dark winter days.




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