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Many people experience surgeries and other types of cuts that eventually produce scars. Some people develop a type of scar known as a keloid, which is a raised scar that is often hard and red, in addition to being itchy and sometimes painful. If you have keloid scars, there is no need to stress out – today there are techniques that enable doctors and technicians to remove the scar quickly and painlessly.

What are Keloids?

A keloid forms when excess collagen is deposited after an incision or another type of cut occurs, interrupting the healing process. The result is often a malformed scar, which is thicker than normal scars and produces a wide range of discomforts. Keloids can occur almost anywhere on the body, but they are more common on the ear, neck, chest and arm. Since keloids are often dark and are always noticeable, afflicted people become very self-conscious about their appearance. That is why it is so important to these people to have the keloids removed.

Today’s keloid removal procedures are hardly complex, and offer more options than we had just a few years ago. One of these methods involves freezing the scar tissue that surrounds the scar, essentially removing the entire keloid. It is a relatively painless technique that can be performed on an outpatient basis. In addition, there are normally no side effects of the procedure, and there is low chance that the scar reappears. All of these aspects make this method a popular favorite among those people with keloids.

When you have a larger and thicker scar called a keloid, you likely want it removed. Methods that include freezing techniques provide an option to keloid removal that is both convenient and easy. This method is unlike any other method ever developed for removing keloids, and provides an alternative to the inefficient and uncomfortable procedures used only a short time ago. Removing keloids does not have to be difficult; if you have one of these scars, it pays to do your research on the methods involved that will leave you scar-free.

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