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Keloid scars tend to be more severe compared to regular scars and if you are usually experiencing pain you ought to check with a medical professional, since keloids are at risk for being infected.


Keloid Scar can be treatment and there are different ways by which keloid scar can be treated, and they are: Topical Creams and other Remedies, Surgery, Silicone scar sheets, Steroid injections, The Radiation scar therapy, and Laser scar removal, etc. It is best to start out with an effective scar cream as any form of treatment. This really is the most effective way considering that it is the least costly and invasive method of treatment to remove keloids. There are quite a few scar creams available in the market that are not effective enough to deal with keloid scars and it is best to consult a doctor. So long as you purchase a scar cream that actually works and apply it correctly and consistently, it really can make an enormous difference in the appearance of your scar.


Ways of treatment

Surgery ought to be your last resort when it comes to keloid removal because it demands so much care during and after the operation. In addition there are the risks of heading in for surgery and the probability of recurrence is about 50%. Keloid scars usually are best treated when you combine two treatments, such as using scar sheets and scar cream simultaneously. Silicone scar sheets is also another method that can be used to tackle keloid scar treatment option and its most effective when you get a top notch scar cream to use WITH the silicone scar sheets. On the other hand, there are basically two downsides to this method that you need to be aware of. First, a number of people have said that the scar went back to what it was as soon as they stopped the treatment. And second, scar sheets can be unpleasant and cause itching. To make it work you need to leave them on for 8-16 hours or even more every day and it could be very uncomfortable but you must remember that your doctor will have the best advice and treatment care for you. Getting started with a good scar cream will likely be the least painful method for keloid removal. When it comes to removing keloid scars permanently, the radiation scar therapy is known to be among those that have the highest number of success rates.