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Our sadness was all shared but the comfort I felt was unique. Loosing her was the hardest thing I went through in my childhood, but I can confidently say now that my maturity was beyond my years. My grandmother Ethel was my favourite person. She was classy and stylish in a way that only a handful of grandmas can be.  I use to run into her room and watch her pick out her jewellery, three piece suits, and use fancy Seacret Spa lotions and creams.  To this day the smell of any Seacret product brings a smile to my face.  I miss her, a lot!

My grandma was 85 when she passed. She had lived a tough and long life filled with horrors and hardships but somehow she was able to turn despair into gold.  She met my grandfather after the war. A man 20 years her senior, swept her off her feet.  And the day he died was the first day of sadness she had experienced in years. Over 30 years had gone since he passed and her life of solitude became an unwanted norm.

The year prior to her passing was agony. She spent months in and out of the hospital, in pain, struggling. There are no words to describe how hard it was to watch this strong and powerful woman be weak for the first time in my life. By the end the despair from her past seemed to come back. Her eyes were no longer warm and hopeful, but sad and tired. When I receive the phone call from my mother saying she had passed, the tears rolled down my cheeks but I also had this amazing sense of calmness and a bit of relief. Her life had been a roller coaster of emotions but now she could just rest.

Going through her apartment was an almost joyous occasion. Uncles, aunts and cousins all crammed into the small 2-bedroom apartment to go through her clothes, jewellery, and favourite Seacret Spa products. I grabbed a few things to remember her by, which included jewellery that I had pictures of we wearing, a painting that hung over her bed and of course some Seacret products.

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