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A Dead Sea Guide can show you the sea and its healing waters up close, but Seacret can bring its therapeutic qualities direct to your home.

The Dead Sea Like Massada: a place of mystery, intrigue and, perhaps most surprising of all, health.


The mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea have long proven to be good for body, mind and soul. Visitors from across the globe have bathed within these waters, seeking relief from skin complaints, respiratory problems and a wealth of other ailments. The high saline content, unique atmospheric conditions and beating sun can play their part in what has become the largest natural health spa in the world. As well as this giant natural health resort, the Dead Sea has become home to a wide array of hotel and spa resorts, each offering treatments that make use of the therapeutic minerals found in the region.


Seacret brings the Dead Sea across the globe


The health and wellness benefits of the Dead Sea are no longer limited to a visit to this magnificent part of the world either. Today, visitors can reap the rewards of the sea’s mineral-rich waters from the comfort of their own home.


Companies like Seacret have tapped into the Dead Sea and created an industry of healthy, therapeutic cosmetics. From body butters and salt scrubs to mud masks and peeling milk, the products on offer feature natural ingredients designed to treat the body the way it should be treated. The key ingredients, of course, are the Dead Sea minerals sourced from the sea itself.


Those wishing to learn more about the range should read these Seacret reviews.


Finding your way around


Those interested in visiting the health spa resorts dotted around the Dead Sea should seek out professional assistance. Those already with plans to visit Israel or Jordan will find that any Dead Sea guide will be able to take them to these magnificent locations, be it for a week-long getaway or a few hours of bathing, while plenty of package holidays are available with direct transfer from Tel Aviv or Amman.


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